My Vision as a Consultant

 I have a variety of accounting, information technology, and business reporting skills. More recently, I have developed an LLC that allows me to provide these business skills to the business community. I have moved spreadsheet client processes to software packages like FreshBooks, developed business plans, and provided various reports to help clients better understand their financial position. My client packages include hours of discussion, providing a more personal touch. 

James Aliquo MBA

Core Competencies


Intuitive Solutions For Better Results

In a post-pandemic business environment, the strategy you choose for your business is more important than ever.Across all geographies and sectors, ABC Business Consulting has been a strategic thought leader for all our clients.

We have decades of real-world and hands-on experience, complemented by a network of best-in-class contractors, vendors, brokers, and financial partners focused on your business.

We will help you prepare for and react to a constantly changing business environment, navigate the inevitability of uncertainty, and pivot as needed, so you achieve continuous profitable growth.